Get Covered Dayton!

We are very honored that the Mayor chose our facility for the site of the news conference on march 11th, 2014 that would encourage Dayton residents to Get Covered with the Affordable care Act.  We want the city to know that East End will continue to work hard, helping our citizens achieve health and financial stability.

One way to achieve improved outcomes for families is to have health insurance. Over the years at East End we have seen families plunged into bankruptcy because of health care bills that piled up for unexpected illness or debilitating, chronic medical conditions that they could not afford to have treated. Some with serious health issues have turned to self-medicating options, and many have simply dropped out of the workforce.  Some families have lost their homes, causing children to be displaced from their schools, because their families were overwhelmed by debt associated with being medically uninsured.

Now the federal Affordable Care Act is enabling families to protect themselves from disastrous financial consequences of being medically uninsured, and offering each of us the option of finding affordable health insurance.  And the State’s Medicaid expansion is allowing low-wage working families to qualify for assistance so they can become insured.

East End’s mission is to build a prosperous, caring and healthy community.  We do a great deal to promote health and wellness among our neighbors, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of our programs.

We offer Nutrition Education Classes for families through OSU Extension Montgomery County, Zumba and Yoga Classes with the help of CareSource, and we are proud partners with the Mission of Mary Cooperative which is doing urban gardening in Twin Towers Neighborhood and providing healthy, fresh and affordable produce to our community.

We all have the responsibility, and the ability, to take care of ourselves through good nutrition, exercise, and avoiding harmful substances and situations. But we cannot always avoid illness and accidents that require expensive medical care.  We all need health insurance.

Before the Affordable Care Act and Ohio Medicaid expansion, many of us could not access health insurance.   But everything has changed.  We now have the ability to protect ourselves and our families by going on-line and securing the affordable health insurance plan that best meets our needs.

East End Community Services joins Mayor Whaley in encouraging all of our citizens to SIGN UP before March 31.


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