Willy Wonka Makes Miracles with After School Program

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As our Miracle Makers students gear up for their production of Willy Wonka KIDS the musical, we wanted to share how this musical has meant more than oompa-loompas, or chocolate bars with golden tickets. Although we knew that this project was going to be quite the under-taking, our Miracle Makers program staff knew that the reward would be worth the hard-work.

After an extended practice yesterday evening, parents arrived to pick up their hard-working cast members. During pick-up, many parents, one by one, approached the staff and told them what this experience has meant to their children. One mother explained that her child told her that when she is feeling sad, upset, or angry, she just thinks about her role as an oompa and it makes her feel better and she can continue with her day. Another parent of a child that has really struggled with academic motivation, asked to reserve 15 tickets for both nights. They are inviting ALL of the their friends, family, and neighbors because they are so proud of their ” boy” and the role he is playing in the production. Another parent has been on the phone for the past few days trying to inform TV stations about Wonka so that they can come and film something positive about the neighborhood. Multiple parents approached the staff and said their child wakes up singing Willy Wonka songs, sings throughout the day, and they go to sleep singing.

Our staff found themselves in tears, particularly because of how proud parents are– that they are seeing the amazing, beautiful talent and endless potential of their children! Join us on Thursday May 1st or Friday May 2nd at 5:30 pm to see our Miracle Makers in action! Call Ellen at 542-5678 to reserve your free tickets today!

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