Frail and Elderly Department collaborates with Rebuilding Together Dayton

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Many Twin Towers neighborhood, low-income, senior homeowners were selected to have major home renovations done by Rebuilding Together Dayton (RTD), on “National Rebuilding Day” on April 26th. The Frail and Elderly department case managers of East End Community Services have been collaborating with Rebuilding Together Dayton for years in order to help meet the needs of our frail and elderly senior citizens. These seniors are some of the many, who received EECS, F&E Department help. Senior Copy of IMG_3572neighbors complete RTD applications with Case Manager assistance. Upon requests for assistance, EECS, F&E Dept. Case Managers seek solutions for low-income senior homeowner repairs. This RTD/EECS, F&E Department collaboration, continues throughout the year in Montgomery County. Not all low-income senior’s requests can be met. When requested home repairs can be accomplished, the volunteers, and materials provided by Rebuilding Together Dayton relieve the senior’s anxiety which improves their quality of life. The intention of East End
Community Copy of IMG_3562Services, Frail and Elderly Department, and case managers is to keep a safe, and healthy home environment for the low-income senior citizens. By doing these tasks, the case managers instill hope and encouragement in the low-income senior recipients.


Post and photos by Joe Cetone, Frail and Elderly Case Manager

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