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By. Tammy Hicks, TOTS Assistant Director

This school year we started a licensed preschool which runs four days a week from 2-5 pm  at Ruskin PK-8 School. The support and success of the program thus far have been exciting for everybody involved!

At this time we have nine students ranging from ages 3-5. The small class size allows for lots of much needed one-on-one work and individual attention. As we’ve seen through the years, the requirements for starting kindergarten successfully become increasingly difficult. It’s no secret that students with a strong foundation entering kindergarten are much more likely to be successful in elementary school and even up into high school. At TOTS Preschool we work hard to give students a foundational understanding of the basics needed for kindergarten, and we try to have fun while we’re at it!


Our herb garden!

This spring has been an exciting one for our preschoolers as we’ve learned about plants, butterflies, and bugs! We’ve even been able to watch our own butterflies grow! Currently, we are patiently waiting for our herb garden to start to sprout. School’s not over yet! We still have much more fun and learning ahead in the next few weeks, including farm animals and an underwater theme!

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