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Over the years, neighborhood associations, priority boards, and other civic groups have built solid relationships and improved communication with the police department. However, this is only one piece of the equation in addressing crime in the neighborhood. What happens after the police make an arrest?

We want to track cases, especially those that involve repeat offenders and cases that impact not only the victim but the entire neighborhood. We believe that each defendant is innocent until proven guilty, but by following each case from beginning to end, we want to communicate with the prosecutors (both municipal and county) the impact the incident has had on the community, so that if and when a person is found guilty, we want the judge to understand the neighborhood’s point of view during sentencing.

For example, neighbors followed a prostitution case through the Dayton Municipal Court in 2013. The prosecutor was not aware that many of our young girls in middle school at Ruskin School report being stopped by men—harassed and solicited by men thinking/hoping they are prostitutes. Young mothers in our Work Experience Program report being fearful walking to East End as men stop them and solicit them for prostitution. After repeatedly observing courtrooms and asking questions to better understand the judicial system and its processes, we are very pleased with the outcome:

James Kuna, from Greenville, Ohio, will: attend the johns school; undergo HIV testing, serve 30 consecutive days of jail time and not simply serve time on weekends; after release, serve 180 days of electronic home monitoring, with an order to stay out of Dayton neighborhoods of Xenia Avenue, East Third, and North Main!

We have also had great results sharing Community Impact Statements for other cases such as unwanted graffiti tagging in the city. You can make a difference!

Thursday, June 26th at 10:00 am
East End Community Services (624 Xenia Avenue). If you, or someone you know, would like to join our court watch team, contact Amanda Arrington at 937.259.1898 or

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