Increased focus on marijuana in Ohio and Nationally

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With the increased focus on marijuana in Ohio and nationally, it is important for community members to have access to educational facts about marijuana, including known risks to health and safety.  

 In response to this need, the Marijuana Workgroup of the Montgomery County Prevention Coalition has created the attached fact sheets and a one-stop website with links to key research findings and additional educational resources.


Here is how you can help!

  • Forward this page with the attachments to your networks of clients, colleagues, professional networks, family, friends, and neighbors..
  • Print and distribute the Fact Sheets at meetings, in waiting rooms, and anywhere you can.
  • Use the Quick Facts to post social media messages
  • Show the Then and Now video available for free loan from the ADAMHS board (see flyer)
  • Go to the KnowB4Uvote Facebook page, scrolling through the posts and sharing those you think your networks need to see.
  • Visit the website for additional information and resources.

 You can download, print, and share information HERE!

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