About Us

East End Community Services is a nonprofit organization started in 1998 to meet the needs of neighbors living in east Dayton, Ohio. The programs that we provide are part of a holistic neighborhood transformation meant to help each child succeed to the best of his or her abilities in order to become successful adults who can give back to the community.  In order for children to be successful, they need excellent schools, access to quality health services, stable, employed families and a thriving community with safe, high-quality housing.

To achieve this goal, East End provides crucial supports to children and adults.   Through our housing development, community building, afterschool and summer programming, educational initiatives, teen services, and services for parents, single adults and seniors, East End reaches more than 3,000 persons a year, more than 4,000 counting all the children from the families that we serve.

Through innovative partnerships like our relationships with Dayton Public Schools and Ruskin PreK-8 School, we are creating a comprehensive community initiative to transform and revitalize neighborhoods. We have received national attention for our efforts at tying together educational reform and community development and East End with Dayton Promise Neighborhood partners were recently awarded a 2012 Together for Tomorrow award from the US Department of Education and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

To help children succeed, we have found that is crucial to help parents reach their own educational and career goals. Working with Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, Sinclair Community College, University of Dayton, Wright State University and many other agencies, government and foundation partners, we helped persons secure more than 1,000 post secondary certificates. In addition, East End created a new business with partners that created new jobs for disadvantaged adults. The agency won a national award from ARAMARK in 2012 for this business.

We are so grateful to the many people who helped us perform this mission, including more than 20 different agencies, the generosity of our donors and funders as well as to the neighbors, AmeriCorps members and other volunteers who have given more than 14,000 hours of volunteerism working in the neighborhood.

To learn more about East End Community Services, watch our Prezi here!