Board Members

“Go to the people. Live among them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build on what they have…But of the best leaders, when their task is accomplished, their work is done, the people will remark, ‘We have done it ourselves'”.     -Lao Tse 700 BC


East End Community Services Board of Directors as of December 2016


  • The Honorable Michael Merz, President
  • Gary LeRoy, M.D., Vice President
  • James Newby, Immediate Past President & Treasurer
  • Jim Barret
  • Devon Berry
  • Melissa Bertolo
  • Ismail Gula
  • Frank Koubek Roderer
  • Anthony (Tony) Massoud
  • Daniel O’Donnell
  • Maria Oria
  • Tony Ortiz
  • Robin Profitt
  • Elizabeth (Beth) Schulz
  • Scott Mumpower
  • Frank Surico
  • Robert L. Wolff
  • Mary Wening, Treasurer
  • Paul Woodie
  • David Young
  • Toni Ciani
  • Lela Estes
  • Gordon Heller
  • Jan Lepore-Jentleson, Executive Director