Taking Off To Success

East End Community Services operates an innovative parent education program called Taking Off to Success (TOTS) which provides 12 weeks of education to parents who are pregnant or who have a child ages birth to kindergarten. Parents are provided education regarding stages of child development, ways to stimulate learning, positive parenting and conscious discipline. The goal is to increase the numbers of children who are fully ready to enter kindergarten.

TOTS Field Trip

Parents are recruited through outreach, as well as referred by families and friends.  The persons who have completed the program are the best recruiters.  During the classes, the children are involved in a learning environment, and our goal is to connect as many children as possible to a high-quality preschool.

Families are also seen through home visits and parents complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire to identify any developmental issues.   Readiness for kindergarten is also reviewed using the Bracken, a nationally recognized instrument for assessment for children ages 3 to 5.  After graduating, families have the opportunity to join the Alumni Group and help change their neighborhood, while building community.

To learn more about the program, please contact Kate Ervin at 937-259-1898.