Helping Immigrants
Helping an Iraqi Immigrant Family

Family and Job Connections

Each year, we assist more than 1,000 individuals achieve their goals, including helping persons find housing, secure food, access health resources and secure a living wage job.  Our goal is to help families and individuals become more economically self sufficient so that they can care for their children and contribute to the neighborhood.  Support for families is crucial to our goal of success for children.

Immigrants: Many immigrant families have chosen to immigrate to Dayton.   East End is part of the Welcome Dayton initiative and provides critical services to assist in the resettlement process.   Our bilingual, English and Spanish speaking and trilingual, English, Spanish and Arabic speaking staff assist persons with finding the right job that matches their skills.  East End has served a wide array of persons, including Latinos and refugees from a wide array of countries including Ahiska Turks from Krasnador Russia, Iraqi families.

Work Experience: East End also provides a Work Experience Program designed to help parents who are receiving cash assistance complete job search and job readiness classes.   Individuals are taught interviewing, resume development, job seeking using the Internet and other skills associated with job success.  Following the completion of the classes, persons are also linked with an internships that is part of the federal requirements to receive benefits through the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program.  East End also provides supportive services to remove obstacles for persons who are completing up to 12 months of post secondary education as part of their work related activity requirements.

Photo Computer Skills

Assisting persons with computer skills

Emergency Assistance:  In addition, East End also operates a program that connects persons who need emergency utility assistance through a network of churches and other organizations that have access to such assistance.  Persons are required to have a disconnect notice, meet income qualifications and have a bill that is low enough that one or more churches could pay the bill.   Individuals are also asked to pay a part of the amount  owed.

Job Creation: East End Community Services is dedicated to creating jobs for disadvantaged citizens. Our first effort led to a successful deconstruction business that was created as a separate for profit entity and has deconstructed more than 180 homes. East End won a national award from ARAMARK in 2012 and an award for the Ohio Association for Nonprofit Organizations (OANO)  also in 2012 for our work in creating new opportunities for persons to find employment. Currently, East End is working with the Ohio Employee Ownership Center of Kent State University and with other funders to investigate the possibility of creating worker cooperative locally.

ARAMARK Building Community 2012 Innovation Award

ARAMARK Building Community 2012 Innovation Award

Seniors: East End also provides critical services to elderly persons that enable them to live in their own homes, independently as long as possible.  Services include case management, chore support and connection to resources that would enable them to make their home more accessible.  East End works closely with Rebuilding Together Dayton and other partnerships while implement this grant.

The generosity of our contributors and contracts with Montgomery County as well as United Way of Greater Dayton Area enables East End to provide services at no cost to participants.  To learn more about these services, call 937-259-1898.