Housing & Development

New Housing

Having quality, affordable and safe housing is essential to providing a nurturing environment for children.

Neighborhood residents and East End worked together to create a comprehensive plan that calls for improvement of 25% of the housing stock in Twin Towers. In 2010, more than 40 new green, energy efficient homes were built with funding from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency as well as pre-development funds from the City of Dayton. These homes replaced deteriorated, abandoned properties that could not be renovated.  This project called Twin Towers Crossing I was awarded the Ohio Governor’s Award in 2010 from the Ohio Community Development Corporation (CDC) Association.

You can click on the map to explore the neighborhood which shows deteriorated properties that have since been removed and replaced by new homes.

Satellite Map

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The housing effort also included assistance to homeowners in repairing their houses. Elderly persons have been assisted in making their homes safe and healthy, including home modification for wheelchairs or other physical challenges. Working with the City of Dayton and other partners, the neighborhood is creating a new market for home buyers and persons interested in lease-to-purchase housing in our neighborhoods. In fact, a new grant has been received that will create another 40 new homes that are pictured in the sketch. These homes will be built in 2013 as part of a partnership between St. Marys Development Corporation and Oberer Thompson with East End. These will be lease-to-purchase homes.

East End is also improving the streetscape of Xenia Avenue. The following sketch is from EnvisionWorks, Inc. shows visions of the neighborhood with removal of abandoned and deteriorated residential and commercial properties as well as the improvements to the sidewalk and infrastructure.

Sketch Xenia Ave

Sketch Xenia Ave Redevelopment

As part of our community transformation efforts, East End is working with partners to create business growth in Twin Towers and East Dayton. Our goal is to increase the number of companies in our area and the number of employees hired as the result of economic development activities. We see Twin Towers as a destination point for culture and arts that celebrate our unique ethnic diversity. We also see green building and technology as the logical extension of our housing efforts. Come join us in the efforts to create a thriving economy within this Dayton neighborhood.

 For more information regarding the housing and community development program, please contact Erin Gillespie, Manager, at 937-259-1898.