Neighborhood & Community Development

“What makes community building so complex is that it occurs in an infinite number of small steps, sometimes in quiet moments that we notice out of the corner of our eye.” -Peter Block


East Dayton neighborhoods have been in transition with changing demographics and decades of generational poverty plaguing a once stable community. Every neighborhood has assets, has strength, and has hope. Even when there is less economic capital (fewer businesses, vacant properties, etc.), there is social capital (relationships, leadership, activism)! East End Community Services continuously engages the neighbors, parents, and stakeholders to build on those assets for the change we want to see and the future we want to build together. Click on the links below for more information about our efforts.

Community Building Activities

Crime Prevention Partnerships

Housing & Economic Development

Xenia Avenue Corridor

For more information, please call Kate Ervin, Director of Housing and Economic Development, at 937-259-1898.

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