Crime Prevention Partnerships

In 2012, East End Community Services was awarded a Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation grant from the Department of Justice to build on the successful partnerships with the Dayton Police to reduce and prevent crime within the Neighborhood Revitalization Zone. Click the image below to see an enlarged version of the Neighborhood Revitalization map.

crime prevention 1

The Neighborhood Revitalization Zone

The East End Neighborhood Revitalization project is creating a Youth Success Zone building on the assets of the community and its deeply rooted residents while also seizing opportunities to recognize the gifts of the increasingly diverse community of immigrants and refugees in the area.

One focus of the project is to engage the community to build an Interdisciplinary Service Team of neighbors, parents, stakeholders, non-profits and critical agency staff to work with the City of Dayton Police Department in crime prevention strategies.  This group has been identifying and responding to hotspots within the target neighborhood zone using current data on crime (juvenile and adults), research and analysis from the University of Dayton. Click the image below to see an enlarged version.

crime prevention 2

The Crime Prevention Partnership Network

Using evidence based strategies, this team will support:

· Offering broad youth engagement programs, particularly early childhood and kindergarten readiness,

· Family events that nurture children and parents to achieve their full potential through educational topics and also cultural celebrations that unite parents and families of different backgrounds,

· Safe and attractive housing with improved business corridors through targeted demolition and blight removal.

This three year grant from the Department of Justice will also feature increased and targeted bike and foot patrol from the Dayton Police Department’s Community Problem Response Team (CPRT) as well as funding for neighborhood art projects and mini grants.

For more information, please contact Emily Surico at 937-259-1898.