Xenia Avenue Corridor

East End is working to improve the streetscape of Xenia Avenue to improve safety and attract new businesses to this once thriving thoroughfare. A planning team consisting of East End Board and staff members, neighborhood residents, city planners, and business owners is in the process of developing an improvement plan that includes removing vacant, blighting structures and attracting new dollars for physical and economic redevelopment. As part of our community transformation efforts, East End is also working to identify partners to create business growth in Twin Towers and East Dayton. Our goal is to increase the number of companies in our area and the number of employees hired as the result of economic development activities. We see Twin Towers as a destination point for culture and arts that celebrate our unique ethnic diversity. We also see green building and technology as the logical extension of our housing efforts. Come join us in the efforts to create a thriving economy within this Dayton neighborhood.

Below are the Xenia Avenue Development Plans. Click on an image to see the enlarged version:

14-02-11 EECS Xenia Avenue Layout 24x70

14-02-11 EECS Xenia Avenue Layout 24x36 14-02-11 EECS West Entrance Concept 11x17  14-02-11 EECS Safe Route to Ruskin 11x17 14-02-11 EECS Community Open Space 11x17 14-02-11 EECS Campus Master Plan 11x1714-02-11 EECS Street Section Concept 11x17

For more information, please contact Kate Ervin at 937-259-1898.