Privacy Policies

East End keeps donor information confidential regarding the amount of the donation. However, unless you request otherwise, we do acknowledge your gift through a thank you note and list your name, but not the size of the gift in the Annual Report. In addition, we also send you newsletters via mail or email and also Annual Reports as well as invitations to events. Please let us know if you would not like to receive any further mailing from us.

East End also honors the requests of the donor. If you request that your funds are allocated to a specific program or purpose, we will honor that request. If you do not state a specific program or purpose, we will allocate your donation to the programs or services that need the most support at that point in time.

In addition we also do not sell or share your name or information with other nonprofit or for profit organizations. We also do not provide information regarding persons who have visited our web site or have asked us for additional information. We do not share email lists or newsletter lists with other organizations. Your information is confidential and we will respect your privacy.

If you contact us from this web site regarding services. We will connect you to the staff person that is most able to assist you. They will contact you back via email, but only if you desire.