Covid-19 Updates & Resources

We are ecstatic to announce that our offices are back open!

We are currently open for meetings on an appointment-only basis. Please call the office at 937-259-1898 to schedule a visit or inquire more about what services, trainings, and meetings are currently ongoing. Scroll down for an update on our different programs.

  • Miracle Makers: 

    • Our Miracle Makers team has gone fully virtual! Enrolled students were provided access to a laptop and home WIFI if needed so they can fully engage and access all the benefits of the program like homework help, meditation, technology assistance and more. Supplies needed for activities and lessons are provided ahead of time!

  • Youth Champions:​

    • While we miss meeting in person for outings and school​ visits, we're enjoying watching our Youth Champions learn and expand their skills in new Varsity Tutors classes each week!

  • Camp Mariposa​:

    • After finding out that we couldn’t physically host Camp Mariposa, a transformational weekend for children of families affected by addiction or substance-abuse, in August or September, our Prevention Services Coordinator Wendy Berkshire started working with the director of another Eluna Camp to observe, learn, and launch a Virtual Camp Mariposa!

    •     Virtual Camp will be held over a two-day period in September with 24 campers and 13 mentors, all attending from their own homes. All campers will receive a basket of materials ahead of time to participate in lessons and games.  In addition to finding a way to maintain support for our existing campers, Berkshire set a goal to continue outreach to potential new campers and has successfully accepted one new camper for September with the goal of welcoming more virtual campers in October should this virtual model continue. Kudos to Wendy Berkshire & our Camp Mariposa Mentors!

  • Job Connecting and Job Coaching​:

    • We are grateful to have been finally able to relaunch our jobs program, complete with resume coaching, interview preparation and more. We hostedour first Forklift Training day since March in Early June and will continue to host them throughout the summer and fall. 

  • Peers for Change: 

    • We cannot yet restart our Conversations For Change meetings, but our 1:1 Peers are still hard at work connecting with peers for personal support, taking on new peers​, and hosting five different support meetings each week via Zoom.


    • ​In the coming months, East End will be delivering an exciting prevention program that we call RISE 4 Seniors (Reducing Isolation, Supporting Engagement). As part of our program designed to reduce loneliness and social isolation, we will deliver the Aging Mastery Program® (AMP).  AMP provides information, education and activities that address the aging process, and help seniors, 60 and older, feel better today and in the future. Nanci McGuire, Seniors Prevention Program Coordinator, will be contacting seniors and service providers to introduce our program that will help seniors become more engaged with their community and achieve a better quality of life. 

  • Miami Valley Meals​

    • We have partnered with Miami Valley Meals to bring 1,500-2,000 meals each week to families in need of food support! Miami Valley Meals was started earlier this year by Chef Matt DeAngelo to support those experiencing food insecurity during the current global health pandemic. Meals are prepared for families by local chefs and distributed throughout the community. Yesterday we had the pleasure to welcome and chat with Ambassador and former Congressman Tony Hall about the initiative!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on new initiatives and re-launching programs paused to Covid-19 shutdowns, so please don't hesitate to call our office or email with questions!

- Jan Lepore-Jentleson, Executive Director