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Building a prosperous, caring and healthy community that nurtures children toward success.

Providing youth, family and neighborhood development programs to families in inner East Dayton to help break

the cycle of multi-generation poverty.


Violence Is Not The Answer. Silence Is  Not The Answer.

Black Lives Matter

East End Community Services stands in solidarity with our Black family members, friends and neighbors who have been traumatized by institutional racism since the day they were born, and which has manifested itself again so many times in recent weeks. It is unacceptable that this continues to happen throughout our country without abatement. There is no place in a democracy for the recurrent abuse of power that is demonstrated by some Police Departments and their Black citizens.

East End is eager to be part of the solution to the problem of institutional racism in our community. We have always strived to create programs and places that empower all of our communities but are currently taking a deeper look into our programming, our team and ourselves to work on ways to continuously improve and better care for our Black community. 

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