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More than half of the children in East End’s target neighborhoods live below the federal poverty line.  Growing up in high poverty is associated with lack of school readiness, academic performance a year or more behind expected levels, and frequent exposure to toxic stressors than can include community violence, domestic violence, abuse, divorce, incarceration, drug abuse and/or mental health issues, at home.  Living with un-addressed trauma from these childhood experiences can have profoundly negative impacts on physical and behavioral health in adulthood, and can also impact ability to learn, finish high school and achieve a post-secondary credential, which is imperative for success in the 21st Century.

East End’s mission is to level the playing field for children in east Dayton, by providing them with enrichment activities and experiences that help them close the academic achievement gap, develop positive pro-social attitude, and the emotional resiliency they need to overcome the unique challenges they face.

East End offers a continuum of care between infancy through post-secondary credentialing.  We have a deep partnership with Miami Valley Child Development Centers for early child education.  Our partnership with Dayton Public Schools for the past 11 years has allowed us to provide very high quality afterschool and summer programming for 210 kindergarteners through 6th graders.  Our Youth Champions Program supports about 100 middle and high school students as they explore colleges and careers, perform community services, learn life skills, and develop skills to avoid drugs and other risky behaviors. 

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