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Financial self-sufficiency is the key to stable, nurturing home environments, which form the foundation for children’s successful academic, social and emotional development.  Research tells us that financial success as an adult is directly correlated with where you grew up and how much income your family had while you were living at home. East End’s goal is to help families become financially self-sufficient and stable, thus improving outcomes for all members of the household, especially the children.

Making ends meet on a consistent basis can be a struggle for many East Dayton families. For 21 years our neighbors have come to us seeking help with jobs, work readiness training, and public assistance programs.  Each year we serve about 1000 individuals and their families, helping them get up on their feet by reducing barriers to self-sufficiency.  

We also know that many of our elderly neighbors, particularly those who live in their own homes, no longer have friends and family members to look after them.  They often struggle with financial challenges, home maintenance, food insecurity, loneliness and social isolation. East End reaches out and provides support to about 100 seniors each year, helping them remain in their homes for as long as possible, and enabling them to live with some dignity and security.

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