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East End Neighborhood Development Corporation (EENDC) is a sister organization to East End Community Services (EECS). East End Community Services provides education and human services to our community, while East End Neighborhood Development Corporation provides housing and economic development support and leadership to the community.   

EENDC is a non-profit organization authorized to do business in the State of Ohio, and has a federal non-profit tax exempt designation. 

Devon Berry 

Bryan Ertsgaard     

Ismail Gula     

Gary LeRoy, M.D 

Tony Massoud
Scott Mumpower
James Newby
Daniel O’Donnell

Tony Ortiz

Paul Woodie, President

Jim Barrett, Vice President

Hon. Michael Merz, Secretary

Jan Lepore-Jentleson, Treasurer

Maria Oria

Robin Profitt
Fran Koubek Roderer
Beth Schulz 

Frank Surico 

Mary Wening
Robert L. Wolff
David Young
Tony Ciani,

Emeritus Member

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