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Celebrating Our 120 Year Old Neighborhood

In early December the Twin Towers Neighborhood had their annual awards, this is where East End Community Services is located. The Twin Towers Neighborhood Association, led by Leslie Sheward (it’s long time leader), held a luncheon for reps of City of Dayton departments in East End’s ‘yellow room’. The luncheon was to offer a token of gratitude to all the people who have gone out of their way to make the neighborhood a cleaner, tidier and safer place to live and raise a family during 2018. It was a festive occasion, with neighbors and City workers enjoying each other’s company over Dot’s Market fried chicken.

Leslie presented the awards to the hard working people on the front line who help keep the neighborhood strong. For example, she recognized the men from Waste Collection who work on Saturdays elbow to elbow with volunteer residents who clean the alleys twice a year. (They picked up literally tons of trash). She awarded housing inspectors with a plaque, thanking them for handing out tickets to neighbors who made the messes, and hopefully won’t do it again. She recognized the steadfast work of the police department, which in turn recognized the extraordinary cooperation they get from Twin Towers residents and said what a pleasure it is to work in the community. Miss Dixie and her crew from Dover Street were recognized for their outstanding efforts to keep their alley spotless. (Miss Dixie is of a certain age when most ladies just don’t go out and pick up other people’s trash.) And mention was made of East End’s newest project, in collaboration with the Neighborhood Association, to purchase the crime infested former neighborhood market and repurpose it for community use.

East End Community Services started it’s work in 1998 on Xenia Avenue in the former Xenia Feed and Pet Store building at 624. Our building is old and ragged, but it’s all ours. We love being part of a caring community of neighbors that works hard to make this 120 year old neighborhood a good place to be.

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